sustainable estates

The world around our homes, collections, museums, galleries, fairs, and built environments is changing rapidly. From concerns about energy and water shortages, floods and inundations, air pollution, and health and safety, to revolutionary developments such as renewable energy and robotics.

How prepared is your property for the future? How well can it protect the health and well-being of your family? How well can it protect your works of art and tangible assets, mitigating possible future damage?

Except Integrated Sustainability helps transform homes, collections, museums both public and private, galleries, and built environments into secure and efficient places to live and work.

How does Except do this?

The service starts with a comprehensive intake session during which wishes, objectives, requirements, and location are all explored.

An in-depth scan using Except’s sustainable development framework Symbiosis in Development (SiD) is performed.

From this a bespoke development plan is created with the highest standard of sustainability and design.

The development plan gives you various options for upgrading: from light interventions to increased efficiency to complete living autonomy.

Self-learning technologies that include domestic robotics or ecologically-powered systems such as those embedded in nature can be introduced.

You will be guided through the design every step of the way.

Five Step Process

  1. Intake session
  2. Opportunities & Challenges Scan
  3. Development plan & strategy selection
  4. Design & engineering
  5. Execution

For more information about the Sustainable Estates program, download the brochure here.


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